Busy Bees

Monkeymoo’s nursery recently had its 30th Anniversary. As part of this, all their nurseries had a “Dress as a Bee” Day. There were bee-themed stories, birthday cakes, a guest appearance from a local bee lady. The television cameras came to her nursery, local newspapers featured them. And 5 of the children were wearing my outfits!

photo 2 (3)

Monkeymoo had a mash – the skirt of the twirly skirt, mashed with the shirred pillowcase dress. The twirly skirt had added fullness for additional twirling, and trim at her request. The bodice was row after row of shirring, with pretty yellow ribbon straps.

photo 4 (2)

Her bestie had a twirly skirt with added bow, and an applique tshirt made from a strip of matching fabric, pleated and formed into a circle, black felt and a matching yellow bow.

photo 3 (4)

One of her other friends had a circle skirt, based on the length of the twirly skirt, with coordinating bow stitched near the hem. The tshirt had lemon lace, yellow felt circle, and a smaller circle of matching fabric, trimmed with 3 coordinating buttons.

I had finished these three costumes when I was asked to make a fourth. A little boys’ shorts set. The haberdashery laughed at me when I went back for more of the bee fabric. I used a simple trousers tutorial, but shortened them. I then did a felt applique of the school logo and added that.

The day I took all the costumes in, one of the mums saw me with them. I left with an order for a fifth costume. I made a twirly skirt again, adding large contrast buttons, and a pretty lemon trim. Five out of five baby bees done!

photo 5 (3)

Monkeymoo was very excited the day of the party. She wore a plain long sleeve top, sparkly black tights and found a pair of bee wings and deeley boppers in my prop box! Even Monkey had a little pair of trousers and a bowtie.

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