Monkeymoo Shirt dress

I came across an image on facebook this week. It looked something like this: photo 4 (3)


Shirt into dress. Simples. So we had a go. We went out and bought a shirt from the charity shop. We found a brand new one for £3.50. We found some beautiful stretchy in a clearance basket for 40p. We found a couple of pieces of lilac ribbon in the ribbon basket. We had us the makings of a dress.

I used one of her existing dresses and drew round it. I ensured the bottom utilised the existing seams and that I added additional allowance for gathering of sleeve and neck. Side seams were all sewn. Shoulders sewn. Elastic casing for neck and arms was made.

I actually decided that I preferred this dress as a button back dress – the picture we’d seen thad them at the front, but we have reversed it. Monkeymoo was really pleased with the result and has worn it quite a few times!

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