Twirly red monkeymoo

Monkeymoo adores twirly skirts. Monkeymoo adores pretty trim Monkeymoo adores dunagrees. Monkeymoo was ecstatic when I suggested we combine all three after I found the most beautiful, soft, red cord. This is a self-designed creation. I measured her from hip to where I wanted the skirt to come, subtracting for waistband, trim and seam allowance. The skirt is 2x 1metres of cord to allow for major twirl. The pieces were joined at the side seams. I added 2inch wide white broderie anglais trim at the request of Monkeymoo. I made the waistband, gathered the skirt and attached the two. photo 1 (5) I joined the two pieces of the bib panel, top stitched and attached two rows of cute little trim from Granny’s stash. I pinned the bib panel to the waistband, so I attached the bib at the same time as topstitching the waistband. I used a heavy duty thread and needle with going through quite so much cord. I then attached the dungaree fastenings to the bib. I folded the straps in half, wrong-sides in, reversed them, top stitched and fitted to the dungarees. Finally, I added 2 pieces of woven ribbon from GrannyMoo’s ribbon stash to form loops for the straps, so they can cross and tie in a big, gorgeous bow at the back! 


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