Monkeymoo Christmas

Monkeymoo chose some beautiful reindeer fabric way back in late October. To be her Christmas dress. She specified that it should have a bow. It should have a lot of twirl. It should have buttons. It must not have sleeves. I decided I would have a go creating my own, drafting my own bodice, and simply doing a gathered, very very very wide skirt.

Bodice was drafted. Bodice was redrafted. A muslin was made. I decided I would go for it. I got most of the bodice sewn. I realised the first strap was not on the outside of the dress. Try again.

photo 2 (1)

I got there in the end, and here it is, looking more like it should. I was on the look out for pretty buttons, and hadnt found what I wanted. I also realised that I didnt have the button hole foot for my sewing machine. So I had to rethink the whole “fastening” scenario. I didnt feel brave enough to try my first zip on Monkeymoo’s Christmas day dress. So, I bought some hammer-in snaps and some cover-it-yourself buttons. Monkeymoo loved the buttons.

photo 1 (4)

Monkeymama hated the hammer-in snaps. One ripped a hole in the dress and didnt leave a snap. Two just mashed up. Two did eventually fit. A third finally went in after some negotiation. Monkeymama is purchasing a snap press. And covering the pressed/mashed in snaps with the buttons.

The skirt of this dress is 3m in width. Its Seriously Twirly.

photo 4

The first thing Monkeymoo did when trying it on was test the twirl. The second was declare “but it doesnt have pretties at the bottom”. At which point I added the beautiful burgundy lace trim.

She declared the dress to now be perfect. And the next morning she remembered that she wanted a matching hairband. Of course. Good job I had a couple of spare buttons.


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