Ruffle harems

I’ve been stock piling patterns for a little while. Including a selection from the Pattern Emporium. I love their designs. Fun, fresh, pretty and still practical. I bought the Miss Fancy pants harem pattern when they released their Ruffle Flip skirt but havent had the chance to make any yet. I wanted to check the fit on my slim-waisted, and quite petite Monkeymoo before committing to beautiful designer fabrics.

Well, along came Monkeymoo  to solve the problem. During a recent trip to the haberdashery, she saw these fabrics…..


They were cheap. £2.50 a metre, maybe less. And she LOVED them. She spotted the pink with spots first and asked if I could make something from it. Together in the shop we came up with a plan of what she wanted. She wanted trousers. Comfy trousers. With stretchy bottoms. And a ruffle bum. So with less than £5 worth of fabric, we set out to create her ideal trousers.

To create what she wanted, I needed to mash two patterns. I started with the Pattern Emporium  basic harem pant pattern. I used version “D”, missing out the side pockets. I followed the pattern for the cutting of the fabric.


For the ruffles, I followed The Crafty Cupboard ruffle bum pants tutorial until they were complete and attached. At this point I switched back to the Pattern Emporium instructions.

She was beside herself with excitement at the finished product. I intend to make her a Bella Bodice  to match, but she couldnt wait the couple of extra days that would take. So I did her a quick applique, she chose a sparkly pink button and yellow ribbon, and she was ready to go.

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