Getting my Boo on

One of my early returns to sewing for the tiny humans was making a boo! twirly – a wee tale I will return to in the future. But since then, I’ve become just a bit of a fan of the boo! designs patterns. They are easy to follow, easy to adapt and make unique, user friendly patterns. Big fan! Anyway, I discovered in January that they have an annual “Boo! exchange”. Bit like secret santa. With Boo! dresses. And no secrecy. People are matched within their own country. They make something pretty, being as excellent as possible, and send it to someone else’s little one.

I was very nervous.

Clothes for someone else’s child. Someone who may be a reallly good handmaiden. Me who is relatively new to tiny human dressmaking. I sat with my fabric on the cutting mat for several days. But last weekend I made a start. I created the Boo! overalls mashed with the twirly skirt. I had read advice that suggest the main skirt panel length x 1.5 is the way to go. Monkeymoo enjoyed helping choose details like the ruffles and the covered buttons (again courtesy of Granny’s stash!).


I learnt new things with this dress – I did the rolled hem for the ruffles using the normal foot of my machine, following Kristie’s excellent handy hint in the tutorial. A practice on scraps and I realised what a neat tidy finish it gave. This will be used again. Many times!


The fabric is a beautiful vintage-style cotton that I found as an end of line and bought all of it. Cadbury purple cotton straps and waistband. I used hand-stitched snaps so that the new owner’s mama can adjust to fit if necessary. The waistband and hem are finished with a fabulous purple lace that I came across. Another end of line!

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