Monkeymoo Can Sew

The wonderful Mouse House Creations run a really great weekly blog – “Kids Can Sew”. We have talked about Monkeymoo having a go. She was nervous at first. We have only the full size sewing machine at the moment, and it daunted her a little. However curiosity got the better of her and she was keen to try. We decided she would sit on my knee and I would do the pedal, she would do the hands. She liked this idea, and its a compromise for now as we dont have her sewing area ready yet. We have had their print outs ready for a while, she’s had a go at the cutting out activities. We have talked about the space, the safety.

Today we moved on to the sewing.

We followed Hayley’s list of steps:

1.  Lever up.
2. Needle up (hand wheel).
3.  Paper/fabric under presser foot.
4.  Lever down.
5.  Needle down (hand wheel).
6.  Hands to the sides.
7.  Press pedal and sew carefully.
8.  Foot off pedal.
9.  Lever up.
10.  Needle up (hand wheel).
11.  Pull paper/fabric out.
12.  Snip threads.

After 3 sets of the routine, she’d got it and was remembering to flick the lever, knew which way to turn the handwheel depending on whether she needed to raise or lower the needle.


And quite impressively, her lines were straight!


She is very proud of her first machine sewing – she’s been showing it off today. Tomorrow we will be trying the angles & curves. She’s hugely excited to progress on to making the fat quarter skirt!

She has now got her eye on a half-size purple machine, her own little sewing table and a particular corner of our lounge.

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