Pleats and twirls

I recently purchased a set of Tie Dye Diva retiring patterns. A fantastic set of lots of different pretties. For the tiny humans, for the super tiny humans, and for the grown up humans too! It included a cute skirt pattern for a peekaboo pleat skirt. I liked the pleats in the skirt, but I wasnt sure the length was quite right, and I personally thought the waist could get a bit more about it, to help the pleats sit better with a tshirt. Also, the Tie Dye Diva sizes go from 2 to a 4, no 3, which is what Monkeymoo wears.

So I mashed it with that good ol’ favourite, the Boo! twirly. I started off using the size 3 waist panel from the twirly. I then subtracted the additional length of that from the main skirt panel, and also then took off half the size difference between the 2 and the 4, to make my own 3.


The tutorial was really clear, easy to follow for someone totally new to pleats and a perfect fit for the waistband from the Boo! I think in future I would slightly reduce the size of the peekaboo panels. I did increase the hem size as it still looked far too long, but overall I was pleased with how it looked and will certainly be playing with this pattern again.

3 thoughts on “Pleats and twirls

  1. I like the panels – though it will be interesting to see how it hangs on monkeymoo. you are so clever and I adore these fabrics x

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