Fairytale Arianna

I joined a test this past weekend – the Fairytale Designs Arianna dress. I was chosen to make the doll size dress. Its an absolutely adorable pattern! As soon as Elizabeth sent the pattern via email, I thought how much it looked like a dress that Monkeymoo owns, from Maggie & Zoe. As it happens, I had some of the gorgeous Hill-Berg fabric in my stash, ready for making something similar when Monkeymoo grows out of the dress as its a favourite. So matching Monkeymoo and baby dresses were a definite.

First thing that caught my attention was how utterly teeny the pattern pieces for the doll dress were! The cutting mat is on the cm side – and that on the right is the bodice!

photo 1


The second thing that caught my attention – the overskirt is possibly the most adorable pattern piece I’ve come across.

photo 2

In terms of the sewing, its a great, fairly quick sew especially given how pretty the end product looks. The strap gathering was fiddly, but only as its so tiny with the dolls’ pattern.

There are suggested options for the finish of both skirts – I opted for a rolled hem over skirt and a lace trimmed under skirt


The only “issue” I found along the way is that the dress doesnt go over the head of the doll and its a tight squeeze for pulling it up, so Monkeymoo struggled to do it herself, on her My First Baby Annabel. It may be just that this is made with the American Girl doll in mind and it has slightly different sizing to UK dolls. But now its on, she has no desire at all to take it off anyway.

photo 3When I had finished the dress, I hung them both on the radiator in the lounge ready for Monkeymoo coming home from preschool. It took her a few seconds to realise! But I think she was pretty pleased…..

I cant wait to make a Monkeymoo sized dress, as I think this is a fabulously twirly, girly dress.

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