St Patricks Day

Monkeymoo and I have no Irish roots at all, nonwhatsoever! St Patricks Day therefore has always been something that slips by uncelebrated. Until this year. On Friday, her preschool text to say the children should come dressed to celebrate St Patricks Day. Which of course in our house means a sewing project! A quick one unfortunately as it was a busy weekend ahead….

Thankfully, Grandparents Monkeymoo bought us this pretty fabric as part of Mummymoo’s Christmas present. A pretty green and orange floral, it gave us a great foundation at least. stpatricks-2

Monkeymoo requested ruffles. So green cotton, broderie anglais trim, and the other necessaries were hurriedly purchased for a pair of ruffle bum pants.


The trousers are the same ruffle bum tutorial/harem pant pattern combination that I have used previously – Pattern Emporium harems are a wonderful pattern. I’m liking the rolled hem for the ruffles, I’m getting neater and neater each time with it. I realised today just how much thread it takes though!

I work well under pressure and tight deadlines, but this was cutting it a little fine for my liking – I ended up sewing at 5am this morning! Monkeymoo always likes her trousers or skirts to be complete outfits so a quick applique green felt shamrock was called for.


It was a very basic outfit but quick, effective and I think she’ll wear the trousers again and again.


Happy St Patrick’s Day, one and all!!


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