Cheerleader does Sports Relief

Monkeymoo’s preschool announced that the children were going to all dress in sports clothes for Sports Relief 2014. Monkeymoo is hugely active, very very very. But not in activities that are very suitable for wearing to preschool! We had a little chat about what she could wear instead and we came up with a cheerleader plan. I searched pinterest and found very little! Thanks to one of my sewing groups, I found the Peekaboo Toddler Cheer Dress tutorial. Just what I needed!



I found a ladies aqua t-shirt in the charity shop that was a perfect match for some pompoms we have already. We chose some matching silver ribbon and sparkle felt for a preschool-name motif. I removed a large amount from the length, based on the length of one of Monkeymoo’s tops. I adjusted the neckline at the shoulders, and stitched in the diagonal ribbons on the front. I added the applique, then joined the side seams.


I used the remaining fabric from the length to cut the panels of the skirt – based on the top width + seam allowance, divided by 6 for the number of panels that I wanted. The coordinating fabric was a left over stretch velour from her Angel Gabriel costume in the nativity! I liked the Peekaboo tutorial for the pleats, with the zigzag stitching part way down the pleat meeting points as this made it sit really nicely. It fit perfectly to the top and sits as a drop waist just right.


I’d hoped for white plimsolls but couldnt get any in time so we found some cute black ones and added matching bows with the same ribbons that went into her bunches.


Just add pompoms, costume complete!

cheerleader costume

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