Harem of harems

It’s approaching spring here. And Monkeymoo is growing up. Until recently, she wore leggings with a top a lot of the time. But suddenly, it seems not quite right. She needs skirts with leggings, or trousers instead of them. But she doesnt like jeans, they’re too rough on her. She’s slim-waisted so they always have to be adjustable and that leaves bunched up, uncomfortable fabric. So harems have really become a firm favourite for play clothes. I let her raid the fabric stash and she chose beautifully:



The Michael Miller Candy Shop is her utter favourite fabric. As soon as I asked if she wanted more trousers, she asked for that fabric. The Sarah Jane pirates is a new addition to the stash, after I sourced some brilliantly priced pieces in America (part of my first parcel of imported fabrics! It was definitely worth it!). The bunnies have been in the stash a while and are just perfect for a pair of spring trousers.

This is the first time I’ve done “production line sewing”. I was making these and a pair for a friend of hers. So I did each stage on all of them before moving on. It was massively quicker than doing one pair, then repeating it all again another three times.

I used matching fabrics for the waistbands of most of the pairs, but for the pirates I had a piece of the coordinating stripes and trimmed with that.



These are the basic Pattern Emporium harems for a variety of reasons – speed, simplicity, and because Monkeymoo was helping. She had fun being my pin-girl, she did the reverse on the machine, she cut threads, lined up fabric pieces. She enjoyed doing it together a lot.

Her friend’s pair are a gorgeous japanese cotton from Junk Monkies and feel really lovely.


Excitingly, that pair are the first piece of clothing with my new care labels. I’ve started adding the Handmade with Love labels to my pieces, until I get proper branded logos, to help Monkeymoo and friends with putting them on the right way! It excites me just a little to see my clothes with actual labels!


Of course, of all the pairs, it was the Candy Shop that got chosen for wearing to preschool today!


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