Pinny mermaids

As is frequently the way with these tiny humans, Moo had another birthday party today. I had no inspiration as to the gift. Until birthday girl’s mama started asking questions about handmade. I got a delivery of this fabulous fun Sarah Jane for Michael Miller recently. I have been just hunting for reason to cut into it.



I have had the Boo! Designs pinny pattern for quite a while. Given its reputation for being quick and yet really cute, I thought it might suit the criteria rather well. I decided to pair the mermaids with the Out to Sea trim.

I really enjoyed this pattern, I liked the piecing together, logical, bit-by-bit progression of it. Technically simple but fun to do still. I really like how the bodice looks.


It was a little strange making something in a size 6. Moo is still in size 3, her friends are no more than 4, my niece/godchildren are still small so the lengths for the straps and skirt caught me out slightly! I love the pattern and the finished dress. I think in future I will likely always add ruffles, of differing variety, but I like the slightly wider look they give to the bodice. All in all though, I’m pleased.


Moo really liked it too – she even came in the studio to help me photograph it.


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