Puzzle Upcycle

Question: What can you do with a pile of old tshirts/ladies’ tops and knit scraps? 

Answer: The new Hailey Bugs Closet Perfect Puzzle set. 

I was lucky enough to test this pattern, and really like it. Its SUCH a versatile pattern. Crazy amounts of options. Short, long or no sleeves. Dress, skirt, tshirt. Panelled skirt, single fabric skirt. Longer skirt, shorter skirt. Ruffle hem, no ruffle hem. And it can be made totally from upcycled tshirts, such a great way to get extra wear from favourite clothes!

The first outfit I did, I used the tshirt and skirt patterns. Its got a cute cap sleeve, a panelled skirt and a ruffled hem line. That’s loads of options already, right?



The outfit was made from some charity shop tshirts, pieces of a left over knit from the Ladies’ Caroline test I made, and a couple of outgrown bits from Moo’s wardrobe.



This shirt was the first time I’ve attempted a binding neckline. The tutorial was so clear that I got it first time and was really pleased with the result. I was super pleased at how quick the shirt was to sew too. I have already had requests from a couple of friends to use their children’s outgrown clothes to upcycle.


Here you can see the 8 panel skirt with the ruffle finish. We do love a good ruffle, so this certainly adds an extra win from our house!


As those of you who know Moo or follow us will be aware, any Monkeymoo favourite pattern will usually involve a good twirl factor. This passes that. It passes on the value for money factor thanks to all the options.


It passes on the play-proof factor too,  because of the nice construction of it, the good fit and also the fact that its made from upcycled fabrics mean they’re prewashed, soft and ready to go!

After I made the skirt & top, I made the dress option.


I used the long sleeved option for this, with the single panel and the ruffle again.


Same selection of fabrics as the previous dress, plus a Monkey hem for my Monkeymoo. That was taken from an 18month aged dress that she’d never worn. But it was just perfect for this!


She really liked this dress. However, she decided it needed just a little more and suggested I add the ruffles for the sleeves. And they were super cute!

This pattern has been a hit in our household, Thanks Stacey!!

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