Barefoot Roses festival wedding

I recently came across the Whimsy Couture Sweet Baby Doll pattern. With its huge ruffle sleeves, its ruffle hem and its beautiful bow, I suspected it would be a dress Moo would just adore.



I have been saving some Tanya Whelan Barefoot Roses fabric for something frilly, pretty and girly. They seemed an ideal match.



The pattern was an absolutely pleasure to make. The pieces are all rectangles, apart from curving off the ruffles with a single printable piece. The only “Time consuming” bit for me was the rolled hems on all the ruffles. But absolutely worth the effort. I personally prefer sewing machine-rolled hems to overlocker rolled hems. It just takes a while and uses a whole mountain of thread.



Once all the rolled hems were done, it was a really quick and easy sew. For a dress that looks so elegant and beautiful, its incredibly simple.



We are going to a festival themed wedding at the end of the month, this dress is going to be perfect! I am hoping we dont need to pair it with wellies for the day, but if we do, her Joules wellies match the cream, green and pink too!



I found the most beautiful roses garland in Claire’s that will finish off the outfit beautifully

Of course, Moo had to make sure it passed the danceability tests. And the fairy twirling tests too!

IMG_5246 IMG_5185

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