E-Beth Designs Reagan

Well, we have had a LOT of fun with this latest pattern test!! I was lucky enough to test the new “Reagan Romper” from E-Beth Designs. And boy is it fabulous! So fabulous that we made two:


 The first one is with a cute Hillsberg floral that I’ve had in the stash for ages, teamed up with a cute pale blue polka dot. The second was Riley Blake pink unicorns, teamed with the stars fabric  from the adorable outer space range. This pattern is a fun, playful design. The features of it are all super cute. It has a ruched bodice:


Cute gathered shorts, with “suspender” details:


Halter neck back, which looks cute tied in a bow, or down loose:

IMG_8195 IMG_8113

And not to forget, the super cute pockets for gathering “treasures” (AKA junk. The first time my kiddo wore these to preschool, she came home with allsorts in her pockets!)


It was a lot of fun to make, and not a difficult pattern. I like the details, I like the tutorial and finished product. It’s definitely a big success in this house! I already have a request for a similar one from a friend of Monkeymoo’s! Who by the way, gave her seal of approval  after some careful consideration……


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