I was fortunate enough to test the “Big Girl’s Briefs” pattern for Serger Pepper recently. And boy was this pattern a hit!! I made one pair to try it out, from pieces of a sleepsuit, a swimming costume and a favourite vest!!

photo 2 (1)

And Moo loved them so much that she said to me yesterday “Mummy, I need more handmade pants please. I want them to be blue and red because they would be good pants….

And, well, we think they are!!



These pairs are made from an upcycled tank vest of mine, the crotch lining from an outgrown swimming costume and the panel from a tshirt. All I bought was a little bit of lycra for the waistband and legs.

The pairs I have made have all been the low-waist option – Moo doesn’t like pants, trousers, shorts etc too high on her tummy and these sit just perfectly.


This pattern is incredibly simple and quick to go together. The first time I made them, the crotch had me think a few minutes. But once I’d pinned it at each stage to get my head round, it clicked and made sense to me! Now, they go together in no time at all.

I really like finishing touches in garments, and this one has bit of decorative top stitches down the front panel seam, and an optional trim (which I didnt use on this occasion, but you can see in the first pair). They also have no side seams and because of the stretch fabric rather than elastic, theyre softer on little legs and waists.




In terms of fit, they are a great fit for her. They’re comfortable, not too snug but not too baggy either. The fit over the butt is spot on too.




We will be definitely making more of these, I dont think three pairs will be enough as I think very soon she will refuse to wear the shop bought ones in favour of these! The problem we have now is stopping Moo showing off her fabulous new pants.

PS: She handed me this hanger and said “Look, I’ve got them ready for you to photo…..”


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