Dress Up Days

The very first item of clothing I made for Moo was a skirt for her nursery “Hawaiian Beach Party”.



Since then, her preschool have provided me with a wide number of opportunities for sewing and trying out patterns! Frequently, several in one week.

We recently had World Book Week. Moo decided to go as Katie in London, as she absolutely adores that book, because London is one of our favourite places.



We chose a very simple costume for this: the Fresh Designs seaside top, with a pair of ready made shorts. We used a very simple light red cotton, with polka flutter sleeves and broderie anglais trim.



She is loving handmade bows right now so together we made a couple of bows for her pigtails.



A few days later, it was “Wimbledon Day”. I only realised this the night before she was going, so it was an incredibly last minute option! I found a white tshirt and we modified the Boo! Designs twirly skirt.



I made the front of the skirt flat, to give the impression of a tennis skirt flat – both at the waistband and the main panel of the skirt, and additional gather round the back of the skirt.


Of course, she decided that the outfit would not be complete without a hairbow too! We do love having discovered the handmade world for helping us save Dress Up Days!


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