Beachy Keen

We were so excited to be chosen to test the new E-Beth Designs beachy keen tankini/bikini pattern! With a two different bottoms options, two top length choices, and 2 additional trim options in a whopping 13 sizes, it certainly appealed!


For our first swim suit, we did the bikini top, with the flounce and the shorts. Moo decided she wanted to use separate colours for the legs, and chose trim of red. Not a combination I immediately would have put together, but she loved it and I think it looked super cute.

IMG_0385The halter neck top is adorable, and perfect for swim and play as it is fixed rather than ties. My little miss is a bit conservative with her swim wear and decided she wanted something that covered her tummy. This pattern steps up to the mark thanks to Elizabeth’s tankini option.

IMG_0871 Making a second of these suits came as no hardship. It is an extremely clear tutorial, a very simple pattern. These were the first times I made swimwear, and I was really pleased with how well they turned out.



I love working in pattern testing processes where the designer does not stop until the pattern is just right. This is one of those patterns. The length of the tankini is spot on. The waist of the shorts is modest without being too high/untrendy/uncomfortable. The design is cute.

IMG_1086Of course, when it came to time to photograph it, the English weather was not obliging. So Moo set up her own beach in my studio:

That is, until three days later when we managed to take it to the beach and give it a real good workout in the North Sea. Which it handled effortlessly, and still looked fabulously.

DSCN0530 DSCN0545

We have since “hammered it” in the swimming baths in Moo’s summer intensive swim course. It did brilliantly with that too. Moo’s swimwear has to work hard. She swims A LOT. Its been through the wash multiple times already. And it looks just as good as when it started.

If you want a flexible swimsuit option for your wee miss, look no further.




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