Endless Picnic

I was delighted recently to be asked by a friend to make two dresses for her beautiful daughters. Or more, we kind of stumbled into it over coffee one evening.  A series of texts, hyperlinks, pattern viewings followed as we had a serious list of the different things we wanted! At last, I came to the Jocole Endless dress.  With the add-on pack, it offered every option that we wanted!


Over a yummy barbecue one sunny Sunday, we decided on the fabric – the gorgeous gorgeous Pam Kitty Picnic range. I have loved this fabric for a while and was totally delighted to get to sew with it at last!


We wanted an empire bodice for Little Miss. We wanted a waist-length bodice for Big Miss. We wanted bows. We wanted twirl.






The longer bodice was just perfect for tall Big Miss. The sash added a touch of young girl for her still-little 5years of age and gave us the chance for some complementary fabrics.



Little Miss looked so adorable with her empire bodice and longer skirt. For both dresses, we used a cute pale blue snaps fastening option which blended in to the gorgeous fabric beautifully.


I finished off the outfits with little handmade bows. And was extremely happy with the results.


I think Little Miss Cheekychops agreed!

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